Tuesday, August 2, 2016

dialogue #1

"but everyone knows who they are."
"not everyone does, but step one to finding who you are is finding who you're living for."
"but i don't know what i'm living for. what if you're utterly confused?"
"you have to trust."
"no one has ever trusted me. how do i learn to trust?"
"you find the trust that you've wanted in your life, and you trust."
"but i'm afraid. what if i mess up. what if..."
"there are no what ifs in trust. step two is being open to change. change is a form of trust."
"change? up, down, across, and sideways?"
"yes, but in a dark world, there will be a fight and that's where the trust comes in."
"so life is a big war and we're trying to defeat the enemy?"
"yes, the enemy is the devil. and his plots and schemes will never end. you have to stay strong and resist temptations."
"but how do i resist?"
"you have to trust and pray that what your trust is upon will save you from the plots and schemes and temptations."
"so that's how it all connects. so life is a big puzzle. and each piece is a step."
"yes, and you'll learn along the way."

allie d.