Wednesday, September 28, 2016

hope is...

hope is hearing a baby laughing
hope is a song that makes you want to dance
hope is a purpose. hope is finding you, who you are.

hope is getting the test results back negative
hope is a compliment on a bad day
hope is a feeling. an inner thought process. the little things.

hope is seeing a new life in christ
hope is seeing someone you haven't seen in a while
hope is a mindset. whether it's negative or positive. will you be hopeful or hopeless?

hope is looking back at memories on a late night
hope is knowing you did the right thing
hope is character, supplying you, bit by bit with self-control.

hope is speaking with a stranger
hope is smiling at someone who's hurting
hope is a piece of us, a piece of god, a piece of the puzzle called life.

allie d.

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