Saturday, September 3, 2016

i won't sit still

it's like i've been kicked out.

kicked out of my own life.

kicked out of who i am.

the world has taken me and kicked me out of who i wanted to be.

i have faith that the love that set me free will help me in need.

i want to know you know i'm here.

i'm waiting for you to notice who i am.

who i really am.

who i want to be.

who i dream to be.

i'm more than you think i am.

i want to be more than who i've been.

i want to be more.

more than who this world wants me to be.

because i am more.  i am good enough.

i have been found. i'm no longer lost.

i know my name.

it's beloved. saved. believed. acknowledged. beautiful.

because you called me to do something.

something higher than just sitting here waiting.

something beautiful.

something that i can't grasp alone.


i'm ready. i've prepared. i've doubted.

i'll go.  i'll go where you want me to.

take me to where i can be me.

help me to be me.

i can't do it without you.

you called me and i won't sit still.

i'm ready now.  i've thrown away the makeup and i'm ready to be myself.

i'm ready.  show me through your holy spirit who i am, god

allie d.