Monday, September 19, 2016

one of those days

if you're having one of those days, let me tell you, i am too.

if today has been a battle, let me tell you, you aren't alone.

if you are so down in the dumps, that nothing can get you out, i know how you feel.

i hope you know, darling, that i'm here too.  to cheer you on in life and to help you know that i notice you.  you aren't invisible, you are enough.

if today is one of those days, shoot me a message, a comment, an email, let's get through this together.

because you're special, because you're enough, because you're amazing, because god's got you in the palm of his hand.

and you don't have to worry any longer, because tomorrow is a new day and it will not be one of those days.

love y'all.

allie d.

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