Tuesday, October 25, 2016

dying inside | you don't have to be alone

i know you're not okay
just stop acting
you can't do this on your own
you need me and i need you
just let go and let me know
what's bothering you
we don't have to be lonely
i'm here for you even if you're not here for me
because you're family
and you're gonna be alright
just let me hold your hand
through the emptiness
because you aren't supposed to carry those burdens alone
and i'm dying inside because you're believing the lies
that you're not enough

save me from the tears that are coming
because i cannot stand it any longer
just be honest with me
because i'm just a message away
i'm right here for you
just accept me
accept that i've always been here
but you've thought that you can make it on your own
stop pushing away reality
maybe i'll benefit from this too
just be honest with me
i can't stand to see you
broken and lost, lonely and sorrowful
because hope is right beside you, i'm standing right here
i've always been here and i'll always be here for you <3

allie d.


  1. love this, Allie!! your poetry is amazing. ♥ and your new design is really pretty!

    1. thank you emily! <3

      allie d.