Thursday, October 13, 2016


what if everyone was honest
about their opinions and what they wanted

what if everyone cared
and everyone was sympathetic

what if you gave me a hug today
if i was hurting really hard
i didn't tell you what happened
but you knew me completely
to know something was wrong

what if everyone was friends
no cliques, no fights

what if giving up didn't exist
and letting go was all you could do

what if you were with me today
to stay

what if i knew what you were getting at
and we didn't have to fight

what if you told me that you loved me
and live that life

but god saw something different for us
it hurt me at first
but later i'll be glad

what if we didn't have to change
would i feel better then

what if you didn't say anything
but i knew weren't okay

but i already think that
every hour that you're away

what if no one knew
what hurt felt like

what if life was easy
and giving up was easy

but it wasn't
and it never will be
because you never intended it to be