Wednesday, October 5, 2016

take a minute (you need it!)

push off the to-do list
just for today

take it in and see god's blessings
fix your eyes on how great he is

you'll see the worries fade
because god is in control

take your eyes off the road
just go for a stroll
do something to get life off of your mind

you need it, dear
because you're more than this busy schedule

just take a minute, i promise
everything will fall into place

god's got it
and he wants you to take a minute
to take in his grace, his hope, his provision, his strength, his amazing love

and take a minute

breathe in the fresh cool air
take a minute

tomorrow will be tomorrow, and today you need to take care of yourself

because you are more
you're more than what's bothering you today

in every season god is still god
and you have a reason to worship, you are blessed

darling, you are treasured, wanted, and enough.

you, my friend, are more than what you're going through today.

allie d.